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John, the innocent suitor

Growing up in Des Moines, as the name suggests (lit. "the monks"), John developed into a peaceful and studious young man.  In fact, his parents' claim that he never caused them an ounce of trouble–at least, so this story goes....

Despite this monkish start, it wasn't until later at Wheaton that John became serious about his relationship with God and began thinking about how to best invest his life.

In 1998, while teaching English at an evangelistic language camp in Hungary, John met a beautiful Hungarian princess who captured his heart and changed the course of his life.

After six years of letters, poems, and pleading, the princess' heart was won and her parents relented, allowing young John to marry the princess–though only after chopping down a large willow tree by hand. 

Photo Credit: Royal Photo Gallery, Vienna

The Austro-Hungarian princess

Zsófi was born in a country, far, far, away–over many mountains, and across the great sea–near where the sun rests before rising each morning.

Unfortunately, this beautiful country was ruled by a foreign power for many years.  So when the time was right, young Zsófi's family moved to Austria, where no one understood the language of her forefathers.  

Encountering the King of Kings for the first time at a summer English camp back, at 16 years old she became the first in her family to follow Jesus.  Ever since, her heart is to help others discover the King's love and goodness too.

After meeting a perplexing young American, Zsófi was thankful she studied Psychology in Vienna.  But four years weren't enough, so she decided journey over the mountains and across the mighty river to  IGNIS Akademie in Germany, where she could (finally) study Christian Psychology. 

Thankfully, Zsófi now has the tools to finally understand her husband.  But she is even more excited to use her training in counseling to help people experience Jesus' healing and transforming love.

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The HungaryWilsons

Now married, the princess and lumber-jack have added four precious children to the Kingdom.  Along with building towers (out of legos, boxes, children, whatever) they are passionate about 4 things: evangelism (helping people encounter Jesus), spiritual formation (helping people become more like Jesus), inner-healing/restoration (helping people experience Jesus' healing/transforming love), and holistic mission (helping people be the hands and feet of Jesus).